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I became interested in physical fitness back in 1995. After having my second child I gained over 50 pounds and couldn't seem to lose the weight. I had gone from a size 3 to a size 11/12, so you can just imagine how miserable I was. I was a stay at home mom with two children and didn't have the time or the desire to join a gym. I spoke with a friend who referred me to a personal trainer, whom trained in the valley for 17 years and had a great reputation for getting results. I asked my husband to purchase 3 months of training for me and was able to justify the cost because it was Valentine's day, I didn't want chocolates I needed to rebuild my self-esteem. [story continues below]

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Knowing I had this professional trainer for only 3 months, this allowed me to discipline myself to work hard and learn all that I could from him. After 3 months of intense training and eating healthy and utilizing the treadmill 3 times a week, I was wearing a size 8 and was seeing such amazing changes in my body, within the year I was wearing a size 3. I was using muscles I never knew I had. I was challenged to levels of physical and psychological intensity that I withstood, which in turn gave me a feeling of such accomplishment not to mention the results I was receiving.

I just couldn't stop training, I wanted to see more changes. I ended up training for the next five years. I received so much praise and recognition from those who had seen me before I was down to size 3. I was constantly approached by people in my daily walks of life inquiring about my fitness routine and asking if I participated in any fitness competitions or if I was a personal trainer. This is when I knew I wanted to continue educating myself in the world of fitness. I wanted to help others achieve their goals and feel better about themselves.

  • Nutrition and Health Fitness Expert and Columnist for The Arizona Republic
  • IFPA Personal Training Certification Master Level
  • Stretching and Flexibility Specialist
  • Strength and Conditioning Certification
  • Weight Management Coach
  • Athletic and Sports Training Specialist
  • Core Training Certification
  • Nutrition Counselor
  • Pregnancy Fitness Coach
  • Senior Fitness Training Specialist

It is very important that you trust your trainer, but it is as important that you believe in yourself. My method of training will help you mentally as well as physically. My motto is "If I can do it... anyone can!". It's all about motivation, determination, discipline, and your focus on fitness!

I am happy to say that physical fitness is a big part of my life and it has a positive effect on my family and friends as well.

* Disclaimer: Results may vary from person to person