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Your Diet Survival Guide for Summer

A 2005 study published in the journal Eating Behaviors found that 2 in 3 subjects on a weight control program gained weight during the summer months.  It makes perfect sense.  You are traveling, your kids are out of school, and you might even have visitors staying with you, all great reasons to abandon your diet and exercise rituals.  It is so important to remember that even though you might be on the road or out of your regular routines making healthy choices will keep you in better shape and better spirits.

To maintain your diet I recommend doing the following 6 things;

Keep healthy snacks with you like protein bars and fruit.  Also, make healthy choices when you are eating out.  For example, if you must eat a burger for dinner, skip the fries and dessert and add steamed vegetables to your plate.

Plan out your meals and take advantage of your hotel kitchen or grill.  You’ll save calories and your money!

Don’t skip meals planning to gorge yourself at dinner.  The worst thing you can do is overeat at dinner time or fill up on late night snacks.

Research healthy food options at the restaurants you plan on visiting so you know can make healthy choices.  It is important to indulge on vacation too so you don’t feel deprived so plan on enjoying a few splurges too.

It is easy to enjoy vacation with alcohol.  Limit this too.  These are empty calories that add up quickly and often lead to unhealthy eating too.

Lastly, keep your body moving.  Don’t forget to pack your gym clothes, tennis shoes, jump rope, and resistance bands.  Even if you mix in a few minutes before breakfast or take a long walk with your family after dinner, try and move your body daily.  For more information you may contact Brenda Bark at Focus on Fitness at 480-699-3162 or visit my website at www.myfocusonfitness.com.

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