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Swimming: Great Exercise For Anyone

It is almost a necessity for every Phoenician, a backyard swimming pool.   Swimming cools you down during our long hot summer and can provide great exercise for you no matter your age, weight, or physical limitations.

According to exercise physiologist Robert A. Robergs and director of the exercise physiology laboratories at the University of New Mexico in Albuquerque, swimming is “a good whole-body exercise that is low impact for people with arthiritis, musculoskeletal, or weight limitations.”  This can be attributed to water’s buoyancy because it cushions the injuries you have to work around when working out on land.  When immersed in water to the waistline your body only bears 50% of your weight.  The deeper you immerse your body the more weightless you’ll become.  Because of this benefit, I recommend swimming to not only my heavier client’s and client’s with injuries but to my pregnant clients.

Swimming is a cardiovascular and strengthening exercise because it engages all of your major muscle groups and provides more than ten times the resistance as air in every direction.  But just like any workout you must challenge yourself if you want to achieve weight loss goals.  I use interval training in my regular workouts and recommend the same when it comes to swimming.  If you are just starting out I suggest setting a time goal.  For example, start with 10 minutes and break up the time with a two minute warm-up and cool down, and then plan for the six minutes in between as a time to challenge your strokes, endurance, and speed.  It is important to focus on your breathing techniques because swimming can overwhelm you very quickly if you aren’t in the habit of swimming regularly.  I would also recommend working with a stroke coach because they will help you develop a rhythm for your breathing.  As you become a stronger swimmer you can increase your time in the pool incrementally and build up to a thirty minute workout.  If you don’t feel confident enough in your strokes or swimming ability yet then try walking or jogging the length of the pool in waist deep water.  This is also a great way to challenge your cardiovascular strength.

I hope you have a fun and safe summer by the pool.  For a complimentary session with me or to learn more about my diet tips, please visit my website at www.myfocusonfitness.com.

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