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New Work Out Clothes Could Keep You Off The Couch

Do you know that feeling you get when you buy a new dress, new shoes, or something stylish that you have been eyeing and you can’t wait to get home and put it on or wear it to work the next day?  Maybe it is a new swim suit that you want to look good in this summer?  You can use this tactic in a similar way when it comes to motivating yourself to get to the gym and in doing so you’ll probably look even better in that new swim suit you just bought.


This is no new concept, in fact most people find retail therapy not only lifts their moods but also builds confidence in their image.  I would suggest taking time to assess what you currently have in your workout clothes drawer and clean it out.  Taking extra thought into weeding out what pieces no longer fit, are too worn, and those that might not smell clean even though they are.  Since you sweat more in your workout clothes they tend to wear much quicker then regular everyday clothes. Also, it is extremely important to discard items that are too big for you because you will look bigger in the mirror in them and they won’t flatter you or the hard work you have already put in to your workouts.  I also recommend assessing your shoes.  Proper shoes are essential to overall body, back, and foot health, and are crucial to any workout you do.


Now comes the fun part! I suggest starting at discount stores to find new gear.  They usually have the best prices on all the current styles and always have great fun colors to choose from.  It is important to find the right sizes that flatter your figure so I would make sure to take your time trying each piece on, especially sports bras.  I do however recommend buying the right shoes for your feet and running stores are a great place to have your feet and stride assessed to find the right pair for you. Fashionable is important but good support is also key.


Buying yourself new workout clothes will pay off.  Not only will you feel good in them but your figure will be flattered by clothes that fit and hopefully it will motivate you to stay focused on your fitness goals.  I think you should consider it a sound investment.

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