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How a Heart Rate Monitor will benefit you in the long run..

If you are wanting to lose weight, get faster or just improve your over all conditioning, then the heart rate monitor is a tool you should invest in.  I have been suggesting to all of my clients that are training to lose weight, a good wristband model that is easy to read and maneuver.  Basically, we are targeting the heart rate and also getting an estimated number of calories burned during the time period of the workout.

To find your target heart rate you should take 220 and minus your age.  No matter what pace you jog at you will burn calories.  By jogging, you are increasing your heart rate, even if it is at a slower pace.  As your heart rate increases and your muscles work harder, you require more energy.  This energy is found in calories. Once available calories are depleted, your body begins to burn calories from fat. A consistent jogging routine or intensity will help you lose fat.  However, at a higher intensity, 70-90% of your maximum heart rate allows you to burn a greater number of calories which is what matters when you are losing weight.   I have had great feedback from the clients whom use their heart rate monitors.  It allows you to challenge yourself, and get out of that comfort zone.  Let’s face it cardio can be mundane and boring if you are going to the gym and consistently jumping on that old faithful treadmill. With a heart rate monitor it makes it a little more challenging, to stay in the necessary zones for calorie and fat burning.  It helps keep the motivation and drive needed to give you that extra push. Heart rate monitors are very affordable and you can find them at most department stores, sporting goods stores  or online.

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