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Happy New Year!

My wish for 2012 is for each of my clients and for those of you reading this column is to make at least one change in your life that will lead you to a healthier lifestyle.  I know that most of you are resolving to lose weight, eat healthier, exercise more, or change an unhealthy habit like finally putting down the cigarette.  The most effective way you for the achieve any of these goals or any goal for that matter begins with taking the time to write down your goals with an end date, develop your plan of attack, and get started.  If you are having a hard time defining goals when it comes to weight loss, diet, or fitness, please contact me for a complimentary meeting today.

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Stay on Track this Holiday Season – Tips for Keeping Your Figure

The holiday season is a great time to celebrate with your friends and family but it can also be the perfect time to throw your diet, usual workout habits, and your waistline into a tailspin.  During the six weeks between Thanksgiving and New Year’s, American’s gain on average 3-5 pounds and it isn’t hard to see why.  It only takes 500 calories per day above your normal food/drink consumption to gain a pound. You can give all the holiday parties, eggnog, alcoholic drinks, fruit cake, gift buying stress and candy the credit!  Sure the holidays come and go and people flock to the nearest gym the day after New Year’s with their resolutions of weight loss and healthy eating and some can get back on track with their goals but for some holiday weight gain can result in a lifetime of struggle.  Now more than ever is a good time to focus on a healthy balance in your life so you can avoid a major pitfall come 2012.

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Taking Your Workout to the Streets

Fall is here! This is a great time of year to move your workout outside and one of my favorite ways to enjoy the cool weather is from my bicycle.   Whether you ride a street or stationary bicycle the benefits to you are the same and include; the potential to burn a lot of calories both during and after workouts, decreased stress on your joints and back, conditioning your heart, toning your legs and behind,  it’s a  great way to target and burn fat cells, and it’s cheap.

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