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Are You As Fit As You Look?

Like most Americans, you might by relying on what your scale tells you to decide if you are healthy or not.  A recent May Clinic study estimates that up to 30 million Americans have a condition known as normal weight obesity or “skinny fat”.

You know skinny fat people.  They look trim and healthy on the outside and their eating habits are bad and they never work out.  I know many of these people and it is hard for them to remember that slender does not equal healthy. High body fat percentage, cholesterol levels, and  blood pressure make them vulnerable to the same obesity related risks.  The problems that they might be facing are serious and just as concerning as those who struggle with their outward appearance.

Are you skinny fat?  These three tips will help you determine if you fit into this category.

You need to know your numbers, not just your weight and BMI, you need to know your body fat percentage.  Healthy body fat percentages for women range between 17-31% and for men 10-24%.  You can figure out your body fat percentage with skin fold calipers, with a bioelectric impedance analysis, or by having a hydrostatic weighing.  I also suggest having your cholesterol (HDL and LDL), triglycerides, and glucose levels tested.

You need to begin an exercise regimen.  Cardio is important for heart health and strength training will build muscle mass which help regulate blood sugar levels and keeps you strong.

Eat healthy and most importantly, limit processed and refined foods and carbohydrates.  I suggest you focus on implementing a lean protein diet with fresh fruits, vegetables, and whole grains.

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